Friday, May 30, 2014

April 13th- May 7th: Corvas Brinkerhoff

The day that Corvas Brinkerhoff arrived at The Den from Santa Fe, New Mexico, 6 baby chicks also arrived in the mail.
As if from an alien ship, the chicks descended unto Earth and unto The Den.

Corvas also descended upon New York to make these ephemeral sculptures with his Santa Fe based collective, Meow Wolf.
But as swiftly as life was given, life was taken away.  
During Corvas' Den stay, while Corvas reinforced the chicken coop, Jane Carver and I made room in the coop for the incoming chicks. 
The hen, who resided at the Den for almost 2 years, was made into soup and served to Simon Critchley, author of, among many other works, "The Book of Dead Philosophers", which proposes that to philosophize is to learn how to die. 

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