The Transaction

noun, plural-ties.
1. an article of trade or commerce, especially a product as distinguished from a service.
2. something of use, advantage, or value.

The Den Transaction is an experiment in space as a commodity.

The Den is a one room cabin in the backyard of a townhouse in Brooklyn.  Like a classic wood cabin used as a camp, it is equipped with the necessities of daily life: a bed, a desk and a coffee maker/ tea kettle.  Bathroom and running water are inside the main house, A.K.A Wolfcloud.

The Den Transaction is an experiment in which overnight stays in this space are bartered for services or goods.  Services such as gardening, composting, painting, repairing, chicken coop construction, construction of other items such as furniture, organizing, cleaning and cooking are all acceptable for trades.  Products such as art, food, plant material, jewelry, livestock and other goods may also be traded. One service or item can be bartered for one night at The Den. Services are to be preformed either the afternoon before or the morning after the stay.

These examples are approximate and are meant to be used as a guide:

One meal, shopping and cooking included = one night at The Den
Painting one small wall = one night at The Den
Preparing garden beds for planting = 2 nights at The Den
Undertaking a project such as building a chicken coop, or painting an entire floor of the house = a week at The Den
Goods (see above) may also be traded. These trades will be negotiated between both parties.

Transactions will be documented and exhibited on this website.

To suggest a transaction, email me at mckendreekey at gmail dot com with the word "den" in the subject. Please include preferred dates of your stay.


You Can Live The Tiny House Dream in a Brooklyn Backyard, by Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities