Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 14- 22: Kylie Anderson

I met Kylie in Colorado one year ago.  She came to New York to complete one half of a drawing project.

The other half of the drawing project will take place in several small towns in Wyoming, like Big Piney, where this image of a legal wolf hunt was taken.  Most of the towns Kylie will visit in Wyoming have populations of less than 200 people.
While I was researching the Wyoming towns that Kylie will visit, I became fascinated with these images of abandonded villages.  This photo of a sand-swept house is in Namibia.  When I came across this image online I did a double take.  
This is one of the images I've had in my flat files for almost 10 years.  The image has survived 7 studio moves, never being thrown out, although close at times. I've never known anything about it's origins, digital or hard copy. It's so similar to the one I found online, I'm sure it has to be the same town and the same house. 

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