Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September 25- 30: Blue, Ryan and Mosey

In 1992, when Ryan was 13, he traveled through Pakistan with his brother.  Along the way, they acquired ethnic talismans including king cobra snake skins.  One of these skins was traded for 5 nights in The Den.

The King Cobra, the longest venemous snake in the world, preys chiefly on other snakes.The skin of the King Cobra is said to hold many magical powers, including the power to control the dreams of whoever possesses the skin.
I've known Blue & Ryan for 18 years.  They returned to Wolfcloud, this time with infant Mosey, exactly 3 years after this photo was taken. 
This is Blue on Lake Mead just before she married Ryan.  Since they brought the snake skin, my dreams have been more vivid.  It is said that if one dreams of snakes, one must never try to kill the dream snake.  If one dreams of "a lake that is clear and surrounded by barrenness", one must never swim in the lake.

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