Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 15th: Dez Stone Menendez and Emmett Smith

Dez & Emmett rolled into town for a night.  They exchanged an all inclusive weekend in the Thousand Islands region, which I redeemed 2 weeks ago.

There are 1,800 islands in the Thousand Islands.  On a tiny island called Comfort, The Clark mansion still stands.  Built in 1882, it is now in disrepair. 
An uninhabited bedroom on the second floor of the mansion.
The mansion was the summer home of Alson Skinner Clark (b. 1876), a painter known for helping to bring the French- Impressionist style to the US.  His crumbling frescoes still adorn the walls.
In one corner of the house, faded polaroid portraits were tacked to the wall.

On we went, circling Boldt Castle which was built in 1900 by a millionaire named George C. Boldt.

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